The Tour du Mont Blanc is a unique trek of more than 170 km around Mont Blanc that can be completed in between 7 and 10 days passing through Italy, Switzerland and France.

Hikers, climbers and mountaineers will greatly appreciate stop overs offered by refuges and gites along the Tour du Mont Blanc.

My Good Practices

My Tour du Mont-Blanc,

I prepare it beforehand, I live it intensely during, I remain rich afterwards!

And for my hike, I practice... Good Practices !!!


For my accommodation,

✓ I have booked in advance

✓ I have informed my host of any special dietary requirements

✓ I inform my host as soon as possible if I am unable to attend or if I am late


For my hike,

✓ I respect the silence of the place,

✓ If I miss the music, I put on my personal headphones

✓ On the way,I understand that people going up have priority


For my picnic,

✓ I have brought a reusable bag to carry it

✓ When I leave the refuge, I only take what I will eat

✓ On the mountain or in the refuge, I keep my rubbish and dispose of it in an appropriate place

✓ At the end of the stage, I look for a composting point, recycling bins and a bin for my other waste.


For my wet clothes,

✓ I drain them outside before returning

✓ I look for a place to dry them

✓ I do not wear my hiking boots in the building For my well-being,

✓ I listen to my host's recommendations and respect the schedule

✓ I leave my backpack on the floor and do not put it on my bed


For my night,

✓ I have brought my sheet, for my own comfort and for the hygiene of the place and of everyone

✓ I also took my indispensable "earplugs", of course !


For my survival and that of the planet,

✓ I save water

✓ I use it in moderation to wash my clothes and dishes in the places provided for that purpose

✓ I take my shower with reason and respect for others


For my connection to the world,

✓ I share my day and my adventure in all discretion

✓ I charge my phone if possible, but I am able to survive without batteries and without internet... But I also and above all,

✓ Give a little help if needed

✓ Check that I have paid my bill before leaving

✓ Respect these places that welcome me

✓ Respect their cleanliness

✓ Respect my neighbours and fellow hikers

✓ Respect my hosts who work hard and have long days, because even the passion of all does not prevent fatigue !


Have a great hike on the Tour du Mont-Blanc !

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