The Tour du Mont Blanc is a unique trek of more than 170 km around Mont Blanc that can be completed in between 7 and 10 days passing through Italy, Switzerland and France.

Hikers, climbers and mountaineers will greatly appreciate stop overs offered by refuges and gites along the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Know the walking times

The walking times indicated on this site, as well as the markings that you will find throughout the Tour du Mont-Blanc are effective walking times.

That is, they do not take breaks or meal times into account.

These are "average" walking times that can be respected by anyone walking "normally", being in good health, and practicing walking regularly.

However, it is very important to note that the weight of the backpack is an essential factor in the ability - or not - to respect these times.

It will be up to everyone to consider the criteria usually accepted as a basis for calculation, and thus know how to modulate their own forecast of walking time.


Schedules are thus calculated :

On the ascent :    gain of 300 meters of elevation per hour

On the way down :    loss of 450 meters of altitude difference per hour.

(This figure can nevertheless reach 500 meters of altitude per hour in easy terrain, excluding mountain trails)

On reasonably "flat" portions :   3.5 Kilometers distance per hour on trail.

(This figure can reach 4 to 4.2 Kilometers per hour in easy terrain, such as road or portion of road).


Know how to plan your hike, be below your maximum capacity, and give yourself a margin of safety in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Have a good hike on the Tour du Mont-Blanc !



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