The Tour du Mont Blanc is a unique trek of more than 170 km around Mont Blanc that can be completed in between 7 and 10 days passing through Italy, Switzerland and France.

Hikers, climbers and mountaineers will greatly appreciate stop overs offered by refuges and gites along the Tour du Mont Blanc.

News Summer 2022 - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Summer 2022 :

See you soon on the Tour du Mont-Blanc !

Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Information on January 30th, 2022


Dear hikers,

The borders between France, Italy and Switzerland are open, even if regulated.

Currently, sanitary conditions and national directives are evolving rapidly.

Unfortunately, we cannot yet give very exact information about the rules of entry and exit in the 3 countries for the summer of 2022.


In view of the current sanitary situation, the Tour du Mont-Blanc will be possible during the summer 2022.

The accommodations will be open and happy to welcome you !

The adaptations put in place by the accommodation providers from summer 2020

in order to fight against the spread of the virus, respect the social distancing

and the well-being of all will be renewed in 2022 if the situation requires it.


Reservations for shelters are open for the summer of 2022.

So don't hesitate to plan your hike around the Mont-Blanc.


See you soon on the Mont-Blanc trails !

While waiting for the perpetual evolution of the international sanitary crisis, the following links can complete your information:

Information from the European Union:

Information on the requirements and measures for entry into the different countries: 

For Switzerland: 
Current travel regulations:


For Italy:

For France:

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